Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Prayer of Returning

[Written for the new Board transition service of the HDS UU Ministry for Students]

Let us pray:

O Holy One: ever known, yet unknowable –
You who give voice to our words,
And reconciliation to our fragile shortcomings;
You who move our hands to action,
And move our action to what is right and good;
You who provide the thoughts we think,
The sensations we feel,
The compassion we share with one another.
All is Yours; We are Yours; and You are in and with all.

Over the past two months,
We have lost and gained,
We have departed and returned,
We have forgotten and remembered,
We have mourned and rejoiced,
We have scattered and reunited,
And we have come together, on this day, in Your witness, O Wondrous One.
We have gathered to recommit, to reconfide and to reordain ourselves, in Your name,
To the holy work of tearing down walls of estrangement
And building up a fellowship of mutual care and respect.

Gathering as a people of trust,
As a community of deep faith in the bold marvel of life,
We offer up this space as an altar to the gentle thrashing of transformation.

May we grow out of self-absorption and self-importance,
May we sprout into service of this ministry and its audacious purpose,
May we listen more attentively to Your small, still whisper,
As we fall into the future –
May You carry us,
So that we may carry You.