Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Prayer for Guidance

Mighty God,
We tremble in uncertainty,
Quiver in fear of the widening abyss.

Markets are drowning,
Missiles are assembling,
Homes are vacating,
Jobs are vanishing,
Militaristic rhetoric is flaring,
Cartoons are degrading,
Hope is sinking...

What can we do, oh God?

Our souls find rest in You alone,
Our salvation comes from You.

We pour out our hearts to You,
For You are our refuge.

And still it pains the heart.

Let us pray:
For love,
For trust,
For change,
For guidance.


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Caminante said...

I just happened to come accross this post while I was searching for prayers I was assembling for a good friend of mine, who's an interfaith pastor.
Is it OK if include this prayer in the little book I'm assembling, (giving you due creditm of course)?

Erik Resly said...

Yes, that would be fine. I would love to see a copy of the finished book as well!