Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Life

I have been absent from the 'interwebs' recently - which has afforded me some space to grow more present to and patient with the now. One afternoon, during sunset, I stumbled across a miracle, which I belligerently tried to record (above). As we near the celebration of Jesus' resurrection, it is empowering to witness to the fact that nature has not forgotten the promise of new life - which seemingly desires companionship.

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Anonymous said...

And yes, companionship is such a blessing. It is the sweetest ache when it is removed, because it has endowed one with a human background in which to share the giving and receiving of human care and love.

Spring is so beloved, because it is the thrust of hope in the midst of cold; we love the emerging blossom because it has promise. It is one of the loveliest times to be a human and to share the natural awakening of warmth.