Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Green God

It's earth day - fitting, considering we wouldn't be celebrating any other holidays without it. At the Divinity School, eager and committed students have taken up the mantra 'Green is the new Crimson' to push through an impressive list of eco-friendly initiatives. My friends Tiffany and Whittney head the effort. Among them: reducing mail and the number of publications delivered in print; freecycling (a forum for exchanging unwanted items); extensive use of recycling bins; source reduction; energy reduction; renewable energy credits; green cleaning products; organic landscaping; environmentally preferred purchasing; the list goes on. It is promising to see that HDS recognizes the urgency for protecting the earth through the implementation of concrete gestures. After all, this is a deeply theological issue:

He’s the lily of the valley
Oh my Lord !

[Excerpt from a Negro Spiritual]

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