Sunday, May 10, 2009

Prayer for Connection

Flowering Presence,
God of All-

I long for Your sweet scent:
A fragrant hint of gentle cradling
In the showering grace of ambrosial trails.

I long to follow the vestiges of Your balm,
Which mark beings and places as memories
In Your heart.

Some days, I wither and dry
In the absence of Your provision.
Or do I ignorantly choose to fast?

Other days, I sprout and pullulate
seeds of Your loving kindness.
Or do I merely manifest the already circulating?

All days:
Your breath warms my soul-
A source of light to grow
Into communion with other enraptured

May I ever detect Your incense in All
And share in the banquet of this existence.


[Inspired by Amrit Kirtan, Pannaa 395, and the non-canonical Gospel of Truth]

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