Thursday, May 7, 2009

Prayer of Remembrance

Beloved Lord,
hear my prayer:

Day after day-
I bathe in the ocean of jealousy,
Drown in expressions of enmity,
Lest I forget:
Liberation rests solely with Thee.

Night after night-
I rest my head in joviality,
Praising the world in frivolity,
Lest I forget:
Exaltation rests solely with Thee.

Day after day-
I wake in a spirit of misery,
Dejected beyond all extremity,
Lest I forget:
Rejuvenation rests solely with Thee.

May I never forget Thee, O Perfect One.
Thy compassion will hardly be outdone-
Thou art the cradle of all virtue.

May I always dress myself in Thy praise.


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