Monday, May 18, 2009

Sharing Global Faith - Issue II

Sharing Global Faith gathers Unitarian and Universalist voices from around the world in a unique devotional e-resource. Reflecting on various aspects of faith life, participants share spiritual insight into the stories and thoughts that fuel their ministerial call. Distributed monthly from April until September 2009, the publication seeks to deepen international connections and nourish the individual spirit.

In the second installment, three global luminaries explore the meaning of FREEDOM to our faith tradition by reflecting on the words of great American singer and activist Paul Robeson. We are honored to include the following contributions:

Rev. Steve Dick (former Chief Executive, General Assembly of Unitarian and Free Christian Churches in Great Britain) sings of freedom’s unending revelation and passion for engaging difference.

Rev. Roux Malan (Unitarian Church, Cape Town) locates in human freedom the need for a ‘spacious spirituality’ that binds peoples together in sustainability.

Rev. Bill Sinkford (President, Unitarian Universalist Association) lifts up the great responsibility that accompanies humanity’s fate to freedom.

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