Thursday, June 11, 2009

Building A House - Joke

Harvard students from the different schools have been tasked to construct a livable house:

1) Education - recruits local students and teaches them building techniques using a hybrid instructional model that combines theory and hands-on experience.

2) Business - pays off the Education School's students using hidden off-shore accounts.

3) Kennedy - not too concerned about finishing first, as the judgment call ultimately rests in the hands of those evaluating the process; thus, starts building coalitions among judges, promising cabinet positions for votes.

4) Law - studies the initial entry form for loopholes, so that in the event of a loss, they always have a way out of the contract.

5) Undergraduate - has already pulled two all-nighters to begin the project ahead of schedule.

6) Divinity - four possible responses:
i) prays that God will provide wisdom and perseverance;
ii) creates and inhabits an imaginary house in meditation;
iii) establishes a church committee to evaluate the long-term strategic benefit of beginning the project;
iv) studies the intersection between shelter, the body and a theology of homelessness.

Just a little early morning laugh.

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