Sunday, October 25, 2009

Clemens Taesler: Between the Gates of Eternity

Translation of Clemens Taesler's poem Zwischen den Toren der Ewigkeit, as found in his 1925 collection 'Free Spirit and Belief':

Between the Gates of Eternity

Through a dark-puzzle gate
we once entered earthly life,
Through a dark-puzzle gate,
we must all eventually depart;

We wander under the light of the sun
Through floods of pain and halls of bliss:

Only a brief span of time -
Between the gates of eternity.

Only a brief span of time
Are we granted for creating and developing
the nascent human-project,
the freedom of one's soul.

In untiring ascension
is the meaning of life unlocked:

Are we also fixed in time-
In us flows eternity.

Eternal darkness prior to birth
cannot awake anguish in us,
Eternal darkness after death
will not frighten us with terror.

From that path on which we once came,
There the journey will continue:

Out of eternity into time-
Out of time into eternity.

Translation mine.

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Dennis Grieser said...

Wow. I just read that poem in german yesterday. I would not have expected to find the poem on the internet, especially translated into english. I am visiting the Unitarian Society in Frankfurt since 2007 and I plan to join the congretation soon. I did not expect someone outside the congregation to still remember Clemens Taesler...

If you need other poems from his, just send me a message (