Monday, August 9, 2010

On leaving

Today, as my summer chaplaincy came to a close, I left a dear patient who has poured Spirit into my soul. Over the past two months, I have witnessed her open the dark recesses of human suffering to the light of God's love. In profound reverence and appreciation for the miracle of her life, I ask for your prayers - that she may find healing in a place of brokenness; that she may come to see the sacred work that she is already doing.

I offer the following haiku verse as a form of closure, commemorating my last memory with her and inviting her grace-filled presence into my future ministry:

Eyelids weak with fear –
snow-dusted puckered lips hold
close a holy peace.

Let all rejoice that God has gifted us with such a source of life.

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Ishna said...

I'm sorry to hear about your patient. It is amazing that you can feel divine presence in even a sad aspect of life.



Anonymous said...

How difficult for you to leave her and how blessed you are to have known her and to have learned from each