Sunday, May 31, 2009


In celebration of Pentecost Sunday, Rev. Andrew James Brown closes his meditation with the words of Cliff Reed, a Unitarian and Free Christian minister in Ipswich:

We are the Christians who move on...
carrying with us the free and timeless heart of Jesus,
faithful to what was said and done in love for liberty by him, by those who follow him,
by those who give his spirit voice and flesh in every time and place.

I find the intersection between Pentecost and the experience of movement poignant. After all, in the Hebrew Bible, the occasion represented a feast of harvest (Heb. Shavuot) that commemorated natural growth in the fields. In the Christian context, the day recorded in Acts begins with 'the rush of a mighty wind' (Acts 2:2). The great mystery of the Holy Spirit's descent, then, is marked by the transitory, the fleeting, the passing, The celebration reminds us that new life, new power and new blessing are to be found in the kinetics of the soul and in the workings of the unexpected.

An anonymous proverb reads: “Every time I find the meaning of life, they change it.” On Pentecost, we pause to find God working in those novel tides crashing against the cliffs of human history.

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