Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stop and Pray

I woke the other morning
And rushed into the day -
With many goals ahead of me
I did not take time to pray.

Problems surfaced rapidly
Confounding every task -
Why did God not ease my toil?
God said: You didn't ask.

I longed for greater clarity
But all seemed grim and bleak -
Why did God not help my sight?
God said: You didn't seek.

Fatigue soon overwhelmed me,
And it was only four o'clock -
Why did God not offer strength?
God said: You didn't knock.

I longed for something greater,
But ran into a wall -
Why did God not answer me?
God said: You didn't call.

Hence when I woke this morning,
Before starting up my day -
With so much to accomplish
I decided to stop and pray.

[Adapted from 'God's Message']

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